Coaching Services

Coaching Philosophy

  • My purpose in coaching is;
    • To encourage individuals in their training.
    • To hold clients accountable to push their training.
    • To develop a personalized and regularly updated training plan so all the runner needs to do is run.
  • The training philosophy I use largely follows Jason Koop’s book; Training Essentials for Ultrarunning. Throughout the coaching relationship I will incorporate various ideas, and training stimuli, however, the following will form the basis of my coaching;
    • Training sessions will focus on intensity (RPE – Rate of Perceived Exertion) and time rather than distance.
    • Cardiovascular fitness is the central focus, we will work on “building a bigger cardiovascular engine”.
    • Rest is essential to proper training. The most intense weeks will be after a week of rest rather than at the end of a tough training block.

First Steps

  • If you are interested in coaching services, please contact me for more details and cost.
  • If it’s a coaching relationship you’d like to move forward with, we would meet for an initial assessment. This assessment would include discussion around life, training capacity, past training and racing experiences and hopes for success and specific training or racing goals. We’d also do an initial workout which will be used as a benchmark for future workouts.
  • After the initial assessment and related discussion if you are all in and ready to go, I would craft a “big picture” personalized training plan that revolves around your goals and publish 1 month at a time with prescribed workouts.