Oxbow 50k

Info found below is from 2018. Plans are in the works for Oxbow 50 – 2019 with a tentative date of May 4th.


2018 OXBOW 50 VIDEO – Mike Ocko

The Oxbow 50 is a 50k trail ultra held on the Trans-Canada, Epinette & Newfoundland Trails of Spruce Woods Provincial Park on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Run 100k in May for the Manitoba Double!

I’ve also been working with some race directors from Dauphin who are organizing the Epic East Gate Trail Run. Here’s the fun part! If you complete Oxbow 50 and Epic East Gate 50 you’ll receive special recognition for 100k in May, the Manitoba Double. Their registration opens February 13. Details and registration is available through the Epic East Gate Trail Run linked above.

Interested in the Oxbow 50? Here are the details.

Oxbow 50 shirt large redux

Registration Details


Saturday, May 5, 2018

  • Bib Pick-Up & Check-In begins at 7:30 AM
  • Racer Meeting at 8:15 AM
  • Race Begins at 8:30 AM
  • 50k Cut Off
    • The course closes at 6:30 PM (10 Hours). You must leave the last aid station, located about 5 miles from the finish by 4:30 PM.

We have a cap of 120 participants.

Registration (Closed)
  • Registration begins January 1st at 10:00 AM.
  • Cost
    • Two Week Early Bird Special – $90. Registration happens through UltraSignUp and will have a fee tacked on to the $90.
    • Regular Registration – $110. On January 15, registration goes up to $110, also through UltraSignUp and will have a fee tacked on to the $110.
  • Registration closes once we’ve reached our cap of 120, or April 2, whichever comes first.
  • Please note there are NO REFUNDS and NO BIB TRANSFERS. A 50% refund will be provided if the race is cancelled due to dry conditions (fire hazard) or flooding, both at the discretion of Parks Manitoba. **Please take this into consideration before registering.
Entry Includes

Access to a fun but tough 50k course, supported aid stations throughout (see more details re: aid below), professional first aid/medic support, Oxbow 50 Finisher T-Shirt, possibly some additional goodies and post-race meal provided by Extreme Fries. Exact menu TBD (eg. burger/hot dog/vegetarian option, fries/onion rings and drink), but it will be greasy, salty and tasty…exactly what you need after a 50k.

Additional Race Details

Sponsors & Supporters


Pure logo


Tony Martin – Logo Design

Sherry Hnatiuk – Map Design

Dwayne Wheeler – Snacks/Aid Station Food Donation

Glenboro-South Cypress Municipality – Water Donation

Solve Product Design/Blaine McFarlane – Winner Awards

LOGO Solve Product Design white background

Bethany Klassen Designs – Photography

Contact Information

This race is being hosted by Joel Toews and a number of awesome, selfless, volunteers. For any questions, please contact Joel at toews[dot]ja[at]gmail[dot]com.

Check In & Start

Check in begins at 7:30 AM on Saturday, May 5, with a mandatory racer meeting at 8:15 AM. Race begins at 8:30 AM.


We will use manual timing for this event and there will be no live tracking. Results will be posted on UltraSignUp a few days following the event.

Course Description 

The route will begin with an 8k out-and-back on the Trans-Canada Trail, at which point you’ll begin running the Epinette trails to the Newfoundland Loop (see map linked below). After completing the Newfoundland Loop, you’ll return to the Epinette trail that leads back to the Finish (Parking Lot). This route is marked for general use, and minimal additional flagging will be added. You are responsible for knowing the route, and where you should be running.

New Map!!! Huge thanks to Sherry Hnatiuk for putting it together and all her hard work.



Aid Stations

When you begin this race, you should have everything with you to complete the entire race without aid of any kind other than water. Extra socks, food/nutrition/drink mix, blister care, anti-chafing goop, proper clothing, sunblock, enough fluid capacity. Ultimately, you are responsible for you!

However, to try and support you in doing your best, there will be a few aid stations on route.

After the out & back there will be a water & food aid station at the parking lot. Prior to getting onto the Newfoundland Loop you will hit your first “on trail” aid station which will be water & food. Once on the Newfoundland Loop, you’ll hit two aid stations. The first will be water only, the second, after Jackfish Lake Cabin will be water & food. After getting back on to the Epinette Trail, you’ll hit the last aid station which will once again be water and food. Again, a more detailed map with Aid Station locations will be supplied prior to the race.

An exact list of aid station food will be provided a month prior to the event in a racer email.

January 11 Update: We are happy to announce that Nuun Hydration has come on board and will be supplying electrolyte drink for the stocked aid stations. Flavours will be triberry & lemon lime.


Drop Bags – Drop bags will be allowed and delivered to the one stocked aid station on the Newfoundland Loop about 30k into the race. Those will be the only drop bags allowed.

Crew – Crew are not allowed on the race course other than the start/finish area by the parking lot.

Cup Free Race – At the aid stations, there will be beverages available that you may not want to put in your bottles. If this is the case, please bring your own cup as we are a cup-free race.

DNF’s (Did Not Finish)

If you need to DNF, you must do so at an Aid Station. No one is coming along the trail to pick you up. Once you’ve DNF’d at an aid station, you will have to wait until that aid station closes before you’ll get a ride back to the Finish, no one will be rushing out to the the AS to get you.


On the trail, you are responsible for you! Please make sure you have enough fluids,  proper gear, appropriate first aid, and know how to use it. If you see someone in trouble, please provide help.

We will have a medic/first aid person plus rovers on bike, but communication is difficult in the area, and responding to an emergency could take hours.

**IMPORTANT** Please be aware of this fact before starting this event.