Westview Park (aka Garbage Hill)

Report from March 4, 2017

Headed out to Garbage Hill today  to see if I could get in some hill training at one of the only places in Winnipeg that has any decent elevation. And by decent, I really mean, not much at all, but it’s the best we’ve got. This park is located close to Polo Park, at the corner of Wellington Avenue and Empress Street.

Considering it’s quite early in the season, I was really surprised at how much snow has melted and how runnable many areas of the park are. I definitely got in a good run. Sadly, the south-west corner of the hill that the city had spend a lot of money on to rehabilitate and reduce erosion has been used extensively. I would encourage everyone to stay away from this portion of the hill, there are many other places to run.


A couple of things to note.
– This is an off leash park, so be prepared to run with the dogs. Not all dog owners are created equal so be aware of those furry friends. Tip: If a dog decides to run after you, stop running. Running only makes Fido want to chase you more. Talk calmly and nicely, and 9/10 everything will work out for the best.
– Since not all dog owners are created equal, be aware of poop everywhere, especially this time of year.
– You can park along the street on the south side of the park. On the north side by the toboggan hill there is a parking lot.